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We are four brothers, Mario, Alvaro, Eric and Elkin Natera who decided to combine our knowledge and experience to build a successful company and, following our dreams, we created MAE Brewing Co.

To make the project work we decided to open MAE Beer & Tapas taproom as a preceding stage to eventually open our brewery.


Our name has a story and meaning on its own. Using the initials of our names we got to the point where our memory took us to remember one of our most loved uncles, Tomás Natera. He used to call another one of our dear uncles (Miguel) Mike, but with our strong accent for English, it always sounded to us as MAE (pronounced [\’mæe\]).


So, in honor of a couple of our most loved uncles we named our company MAE Brewing Co. For some people the name is not catchy or has no meaning, but for us, it is part of the company’s soul.



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